Residency Services for Start-up Entrepreneurs

We guide and support start-up entrepreneurs to get 2-years Finnish residence & work permit.

Our Start-up Residence Permit Application Package includes;
  • evaluating and developing your business idea.
  • preparing business plan and all other necessary papers and forms related to your application.
  • getting your business idea approved in Finland by the local institutions.
  • applying for your residence permit.

With the Fast- Track application system in Finland, the entire process for start-up entrepreneurs takes maximum of 30 days.

Additional to our standard Start-up Residence Permit Application Package, we also provide Business Set-up Services & Funding Services for entrepreneurs.

You can contact us for further information about our services or start the process by filling out this Pre-Assessment form.

Residence Permit for a Start-up Entrepreneur

If you are a start-up entrepreneur and want to move to Finland, you must hold a residence permit. To be able to apply for residency, you must obtain a positive Eligibility Statement with your business idea from a Finnish Institution.

At Metic Business Immigration Services, we help you to obtain a positive eligibility statement with your business idea and to apply for a residence permit afterwards.

We work closely with all the team and family members of the candidates during the entire process.

Start-up Residence Permit allows you to establish a life in Finland with many benefits for yourself and for your family.

Your family can work and study in Finland without any limitations or tuition fees.

You can benefit from social benefits, such as health care and pension for your retirement. You can own a property.

You can obtain citizenship after 5 years moving to Finland.

You can travel freely within Schengen area.

finland startup
As a start-up entrepreneur, you should have
  • an innovative business idea.
  • a team member.
  • sufficient expertise for the idea.
  • aim for fast and international growth.
  • have sufficient funds to support your living for a period of time.

Steps for your Start-up Residency

With Fact-Track application, the entire process takes maximum 30 Days!

1. Business idea approval

We obtain an eligibility statement for your business idea in Finland.

2. Application for your residence permit

We apply for your residence permit as a start-up entrepreneur.

3. Moving to Finland

The only thing left for you is buying your ticket and moving to Finland with your family.



As a Start-up Entrepreneur

Why is Finland the best for Start-ups?

Funding Opportunities

Finland has one of the highest rates of investment per capita in Europe. After establishing your start-up you can apply for funding from the government or pitch your idea to investors.

Start-up Ecosystem

There is a friendly start-up ecosystem with accelerators, angel investors, VCs and strong innovation support by the government. You can get all the support you need to develop your business further.

Local Connectedness

Helsinki ranks #1 in the world in local connectedness among founders, investors and experts. You can easily connect with people to improve your business.

Networking Events

There are so many great networking events, such as Arctic15 and Slush, to meet with investors and pitch your ideas.